Morrisville Community Farmers’ Market Opening Day this Sunday 9/21

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For the last 2 1/2 years, and particularly the last 3 months, I have been working to bring a community farmers’ market to Morrisville.  This weekend, its finally here!

Join us this Sunday, September 21 for Opening Day of the Morrisville Community Farmers’ Market from 9am-1pm at Morrisville High School.


{9/21} Sunday Coupon Preview

sunday coupon preview.jpgThis week you will find one insert in the Sunday newspaper – a Smartsource.

Below is a preview of what should be in this week’s inserts, however some coupons/values may be regional so what you receive in your newspapers may vary.

Missing a coupon that you need?  Check out My Coupon Hunter!

Alka-Seltzer $2/1 product excludes 6ct (10/11)
Bertolli $.50/1 imported dessert (11/2)
Bertolli $.50/1 single-serve meal or torta (11/2)
bodycology $1/1 product 8oz+ (11/21)
Clairol $3/1 age defy (10/31) ETS
Claritin $2/1 4oz grape syrup, 10ct reditabs or 10-30ct grape chewables (11/6) TARGET COUPON
Claritin $3/1 4oz children’s grape syrup (9/28) TARGET COUPON
Claritin $4/1 20ct+ children’s grape chewables (9/28) TARGET COUPON
Clorox $1/1 Clorox 2 product excluding pen (11/21)
Colgate $2/1 powered toothbrush (10/11)
Fiber One $.50/1 streusel bars (11/15)
General Mills $1/2 big g cereals (11/1)
Glade $1/2 fall collection products (11/1)
Glade $2/3 fall collection products (11/1)
Golden Grain $1/2 pasta products (11/20)
Golden Grain $1/2 pot-sized pasta (11/20)
Happy Egg Co $.75/1 dozen free range eggs (11/9)
Hasbro $2/1 connect4, sorry, trouble, clue or guess who game (10/18)
Hasbro $3/1 monopoly, operation, scrabble, taboo or trivial pursuit game (10/18)
Hasbro $3/1 twister, jenga, battleship, game of life or catch phrase game (10/18)
Hasbro $5/1 let’s imagine Elmo or big hugs Elmo (10/18)
Irish Spring $1/1 gear body wash excludes 2.5oz trial or gear bar soap 6pk+ (10/11)
Kozy Shack $.75/1 pudding (11/30)
Nature Valley $.50/1 breakfast biscuits (11/15)
One A Day $3/1 adult multivitamin (10/5)
Pillsbury $.30/2 refrigerated grands biscuits (12/13)
Purina $10/$40+ pet care purchase (11/1) TARGET COUPON
Purina B1G1 free waggin’ train 3oz package up to $4.99 (10/21)
Speed Stick $.50/1 lady 2.3oz+ antiperspirant/deodorant (10/11)
Speed Stick $.50/1 men’s 2.7oz+ antiperspirant/deodorant (10/11)
Speed Stick $1.50/1 gear antiperspirant/deodorant or body spray excludes 1.8 and .5oz (10/11)
Theraflu $2/1 product (11/1)
Theraflu $41 product (9/28)
Tom’s of Maine $1.25/1 deodorant or bar soap (10/30)
Tom’s of Maine $1.25/1 toothpaste or mouthwash excludes trial and toothpaste under 4oz (10/30)
Tom’s of Maine $1.50/1 naturally dry antiperspirant (10/30)
Tom’s of Maine $1/1 kids toothpaste or rinse excludes trial and toothpaste under 4oz (10/30)
Triaminic $2/1 product (11/1)
Triaminic $4/1 product (9/28)
Tropicana $1/1 farmstand 46oz bottle (11/30)
TruBiotics $2/1 probiotic supplement (11/16)
Vidal Sassoon $2/1 hairspray or styling aids (10/31)
Vidal Sassoon $2/1 shampoo or conditioner excludes 12oz and trial (10/31)
Vidal Sassoon $3/1 hair color (10/31)
Viviscal $1/1 gentle shampoo or moisturizing conditioner (11/21)
Viviscal $2.50/1 hair filler fibers (11/21)
Viviscal $3/1 hair and scalp serum (11/21)
Viviscal $5/1 extra strength tablets or man (11/21)
Wet n Wild $1/1 product (10/4)
Woolite $1/1 50oz+ product (11/2)
Yogurt $.50/8 yogurt cups (11/15)
Yoplait $.40/6 yogurt cups (11/15)
Yoplait $1/5 greek or greek 100 yogurt (11/15)
Ziploc $1/2 bags (11/9)

7 Things I Learned During My Weekend Trip to #BloggyCon14


I love a good road trip.  I don’t like to fly, and believe that the journey is half of the fun of the trip.  I love planning out where we are going, how we will get there, and what we will do along the way.  Several months ago, Steve & I did our first family road trip to Connecticut.  This time, we pushed our limits by doing a much longer road trip as a 3-day weekend so that I could attend Bloggy Conference at Cedar Point.

As soon as I found out BloggyCon was being held at Cedar Point, I knew I had to go.  I loved amusement parks growing up, and while my children are still too young for some of the thrill rides, I was sure there would be plenty for them to do.  I convinced my husband that this was a wonderful idea (it didn’t take much convincing), and bought my conference pass months ago.  

After having an amazing time at the conference, and at Cedar Point, I am finally getting back in the groove.  

7 things I learned during my weekend trip to BloggyCon 2014:

  1. Read in the voice of Matt Smith’s Doctor: Mini-Vans are Cool.  
    For years, I swore I would never, ever, drive a mini-van.  Then we planned a road trip to Ohio … with 3 children … My brother works for Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and he convinced me to rent a Chrysler Town & Country for the weekend.  With the third row seating, DVD system, and tons of storage space, it was the most relaxing road trip I’ve been on in decades.  Steve drove more than I did, like 1000 miles more than I did, and he liked it too.  We still have 3 years of payments on the Mariner, but I think a mini-van might just be in our future.  *GASP*  Never say Never.bloggycon14 (2)
  2. When Google tells you a trip is 496 miles, and will take you 7hr 13min its lying!  Ok, so its not lying, however it is only taking traffic into consideration, and not the fact that we are traveling with 2 children, with small bladders, who want/need to eat frequently, and a 14 month old who is teething and wants to nurse constantly.  Add to that the usual stops for refueling – both the car and us with caffeine – and you have a very tired family of 5 arriving at their destination in 11 hours 47 minutes.  
  3. When going away for a weekend, a mere 72 hours Friday to Sunday, and you are driving about 12 hours each way you WILL need more than 1 day to recover.  Here it is early Thursday morning and its the first day I feel remotely normal, and even that is questionable.
  4. Cedar Point goes all out for Halloween!  This past weekend was the beginning of their HalloWeekends, which will go through November 1.  I expected the park to be decked out with it spooky best, but I was blown away by what they did to Hotel Breakers as well.  Upon entering, there were bats hanging from the ceiling, cob webs, corpses, creepy lighting, and even creepier statues.  Definitely gets you in the Halloween spirit!HalloWeekends
  5. Lake Erie is beautiful, but will mess with your head a bit if you are from the east coast.  The first night, it was almost 10pm when we arrived, so I could hear the beach but couldn’t see it.  My first bit of confusion, I heard waves breaking … on a lake.  Not something I have ever experienced before, but given the size of the lake (it is called a “great lake” after all) waves were to be expected.  The next morning though was the part that really messed with my head as a Jersey Girl … sunrise over Lake Erie.  We all know that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, but when you grow up going to the Jersey shore, your brain assumes that sunrise should be on the horizon when you are looking straight out at the water.  Not the case when looking at the beach, the horizon is due north.  My children were also slightly confused by the vastness of Lake Erie, and kept referring to it as the ocean and were wondering why there weren’t any shells for them to collect along the beach.lake erie
  6. Attending a conference with a baby can be an amazing ice breaker.  There were three of us at Bloggy Con with our little ones ranging in age from 7 weeks to 14 months.  Check out Marlena at Macaroni Kid – East Wichita and Michelle at Moms Are Frugal.  These are two great ladies, and I enjoyed spending the conference with them (and for some reason, we didn’t think to get a picture of us together, maybe next year).babyofbloggycon
  7. When you attend BloggyCon you are going to a professional conference.  This was a business trip, and although I was able to spend time with my family, my focus was on learning as much as I could in order to grow Raising A Family On A Budget into a business.  I’ll be honest here, I love blogging.  I love sharing deals, coupons, and recipes with all of you, but from time to time I need to re-evaluate my priorities and the direction this site is going.  When life gets busy – you know with work, school, scouts, house, and living life – sometimes the blog takes a back seat.  It doesn’t mean I don’t love it still, just that I need to figure out how to make it work given the new season our family is in.  During BloggyCon, I got some amazing tips from people who have been blogging longer than me, in how to make it work better.  I hope that you see these improvements over the coming months as I implement what I have learned.bloggycon (3)

Thanks to Bloggy Moms for putting together this amazing conference; a conference of this magnitude to go as smoothly as it did is no easy task.  Thanks to Cedar Point for their amazing hospitality putting up 250 bloggers and their families while creating one memorable weekend.  And special thanks to my conference sponsor Memory Box, I have loved working with you and sharing Memory Box with my readers and others who have attended the conference.

We have already decided that we will most definitely be going back to Cedar Point, and I am already looking forward to BloggyCon 2015.  Hope to see you there!

Memory Box


*Sponsored Post

I am connected to my phone 24/7, and with three young children, it has become my go to camera for all events, day trips, celebrations, holidays, and boring afternoons at home.  With so many apps out there to help you “enhance” your photos, I wanted to let you know about one that I recently found … Memory Box.  

Memory Box isn’t like all of those other photo apps on your phone.  It doesn’t add filters or special effects to your images.  It doesn’t allow you edit or crop your images either.  What it does give you is worth so much more.

With Memory Box, you take a collection of photos and create a slide show that you then narrate, capturing your voice as you describe the moment in time.  

Wouldn’t this be a wonderful way to take a series of photos of your child and then record their voice to capture their essence for all time?  Or to narrate a series of photos in a “how to” so you can refer back to it later?  The possibilities are endless!

Go here to preview my Middletown Grange Fair story that I created using Memory Box.

grange fair

To get started, you can download the Memory Box app for free on your iOS devices.  Once you have the app installed, you can create your own digital stories by clicking the create button on the bottom center of the screen.  From there, creating your story is just a matter of selecting your photos, putting the images in order, recording your story, and giving it a title.  Once you are finished, you can choose to keep the story private or share it on Facebook & Twitter.  Its just that easy.

This post is in collaboration with Memory Box.

I’m Going to BloggyCon!

Bloggy Conference 2014!I have been blogging at Raising A Family On A Budget since 2010.  For most of that time, I have considered this site my job, but I didn’t treat it like a job.  I’m hoping to learn enough this weekend at BloggyCon to help me transition my attitudes and my time to make this page even more successful!

A few years ago, I attended a different blogging conference that was held in NYC.  While that event was HUGE, I was too overwhelmed by the experience to get much out of it.  

BloggyCon is different.  Its smaller … more intimate.  With 250 attendees expected at this years conference, there really is ample opportunity to participate in the sessions and interact with the speakers as well as the other conference attendees.  I am looking forward to attending the sessions, and absorbing as much info as I can, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I’m also very excited for the fun side of this conference.  

You see, BloggyCon is held at Cedar Point Amusement Park!  That’s right.  After spending the day learning all the ins and out on blogging, social media, and marketing, I will be decompressing on some of the most amazing roller coasters in North America!  I used to be a real roller coaster junkie, but haven’t even ridden one in 10 years!  I can’t wait to break that dry spell!

I’m also very excited to announce that Memory Box Stories is sponsoring my trip to BloggyCon!  I am so excited to be working with Memory Box Stories.  Make sure you stop back on Friday to check out my review of their app that’s available on iOS and Android devices.

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{HOT!} Costco Membership + Bonus $20 Costco Cash Card and Coupons through LivingSocial

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Now through September 19, you can get a 1 year Costco Gold Star Membership for only $55!  

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Once you purchase your deal, you have until December 15, 2014 to activate your membership.

I am really excited about this deal, and just purchased our family’s membership because this deal will pay for itself just with the Costco Cash and free items!  Why not give it a try!

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How will you use audio books in the upcoming school year?


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