Just Between Friends Hatfield/Quakertown OPENS TODAY!


Just Between Friends Hatfield/Quakertown opens today for 3-days only!

BucksMont Indoor Sports Center
2278 North Penn Road – Hatfield, PA 19440

Friday, May 1st 9:30a-6:30p
Saturday, May 2nd 9a-3:30p
Sunday, May 3rd 9:30a-1:30p (most items 50% off)

JBF accepts Cash, MasterCard, Visa and Discover. There is an ATM on site.

Why should you SHOP the JBF Hatfield/Quakertown sale?

With 300+ consignors there is a wide variety of clothing, gear, and toys for children of all ages
More than 70,000 high quality items all in one location
Save 50-90% over retail prices!

Wardrobe in Crisis – Send Help!

wardrobe in crisis

I am on a mission to redo my entire wardrobe with items that I actually like … dare I say love … before my birthday in August. I am still in that “losing the baby weight” phase and am still up 30lbs from having my son almost 2 years ago, and my current wardrobe consists of about 10 t-shirts (half of which are for scouts or designated only for working out), 2 tanks, 2 pairs of jeans (and I only love one of them), a cardigan, and 4 pairs of yoga pants.  Its comfortable and functional, but it sure ain’t pretty, and its no where near professional for those times I have to go into the office or attend an event.

Cleaning out the closet is something that I have had to do for a while.  I have clothes in sizes 8 to 24, plus a variety of maternity clothes.  I haven’t been a size 8 in about 20 years so who knows what I am holding onto those for!   [Read more…]

April in the Garden

April In the Garden

Now that spring is in full swing, I have been spending about an hour a day outside in my gardens.  Most of that time was getting this year’s garden beds established  with compost and additional soil, and transplanting some bushes from our back yard to a hedge row out front.  It has been a very busy time, but I look forward to each afternoon when my youngest takes a nap, and my older two are able to entertain themselves for a bit so that I may go play in the dirt.

On our .24 acre lot in the middle of suburbia, we are going to be growing a lot of our own food.  With over 190 square feet of garden beds, I am curious to how much food we will be able to produce.  I wonder if 100 lbs is a realistic goal?

We have several perennial crops in our gardens.   [Read more…]

Cub Scout Pack 3 – MONDO YARD SALE

mondo yard sale

Cub Scout Pack 3, my son David’s Cub Scout Pack, in Morrisville, PA is hosting the MONDO YARD SALE this Saturday from 8a-1p at Morrisville Presbyterian Church. There are currently 54 vendors, so you know there will be something there that you are looking for! Antiques, vintage dishes, gardening tools, fabric, kitchen wares, clothing, tools, kid stuff, furniture, baby gear … and that’s just what we are bringing!!!! You are bound to find something you need/want! My mom & I will be there, so stop by and say hello, and support the boys!


Menu Plan Monday – The End of April

Menu Plan MondayI have to grocery shop & place a meat order this week, so I’m keeping it real and only planning until the end of April – through Thursday’s dinner.

Breakfasts: muffins, fruit, smoothies, oatmeal

Lunches: leftovers, PB&J, grilled cheese, salads, muffin tins

Monday: grilled chicken, baked potatoes, salad
Tuesday: soup, grilled cheese sandwiches
Wednesday: take out
Thursday: meatloaf, mashed potatoes, veggies, cornbread

What are you eating this week?

For more meal time inspiration, check out Menu Plan Monday.

20 Signs You Have a Gardening Addiction

20 Signs You have a gardening addiction

You know where all of the garden centers are within a 20 minute drive of your home, and which one is the best resource for which items.

You request plants that even the people at the garden center have never heard of.

You have dreams turning your quarter acre property into something that could rival Longwood Gardens.

Your idea of a date with your husband includes lunch and a trip to the garden center.

You get sad because you have to leave a portion of the yard for the kids to play.

You buy bags of garden soil because they were on sale & you have a coupon even if you don’t have a container to put them in.

Any time you have a new idea about what to do with your garden, you create a new board on Pinterest.

You contact borough hall to ask for permission to plant trees (yes plural) on the street strip (lawn between sidewalk & street)

You color coordinate your planters and tomato cages

You buy rabbit/chicken manure off of a friend in a Facebook group.  You don’t think this is weird.

You long for a pickup truck so you don’t have to ask a friend to pick up shrubs, bushes, trees, manure, soil, mulch, etc for you.  

You know you can fit a tree in your car with your children securely in their carseats.

Even the children have garden gloves.

You come home from running errands with lumber, soil, and plants asking your husband to build you new garden beds, and he doesn’t blink an eye because this isn’t the first time you’ve done this.

You belong to more than one gardening group on Facebook

Your friends, and random strangers, text you questions about gardening

Your YouTube subscriptions are all for gardening & farming videos

You plant vegetables that you don’t like just so that you can grow them.

You are covered in more dirt than the kids after being outside for an afternoon.

You have certain friends that are your enablers, encouraging you to grow more, build more beds, and plant more things, and if you run out of room at your place, you can always plant stuff at theirs!

Last Week’s Frugal Accomplishments

pear blossoms


In an effort to be frugal, I spent a lot of time in my gardens again this past week.  Staying home really is the best way to save money!

I tended to the vegetables that we had already planted, and began preparing other areas for new seed/plants to go in.  I did do a little shopping, and bought some new vegetable plants to replace the ones the rabbits have gotten to already.  I found that Fairless Hills Garden Center sells their veggie plants for just 99 cents each!  This is a HUGE savings over the other stores that often sell their plants for over $3. 

While at Lowe’s/Home Depot I have seen a lot of beautiful rectangular planters that I thought would look nice on either side of our front sidewalk.  The planters were 40″ long and cost $65 each!  OUCH!  Instead, I purchased some 2×6 Hem-Fir boards, and had my wonderful husband build me two flower beds each 10’x1′.  We had some additional lumber, so he then built me a 6’x3′ vegetable bed for out front as well.  I got all 3 beds for under $40 in lumber! 

Last Wednesday, I was at a loss for what to do with our Daisy Troop. I looked through supplies we had on hand, and we made paper chains with each loop representing a line of the Girl Scout Law using materials we already had in our troop’s craft bin.  

On our regular take out night (Wednesdays after our Girl Scout meeting), my daughter and I shared a pasta entree instead of getting two different meals.

I used a $10 off $10 purchase coupon to get a new microplane grater for 96 cents at Kohl’s.

Went to Save-A-Lot and purchased bananas (47 cents/lb), pineapple ($1.99 ea), dried beans (97 cents/lb), and a few other snack items.  

Used a Groupon at the Entenmann’s Bakery Outlet on Academy Road.  I bought muffins for breakfasts & snacks.  I then spent $8 out of pocket, to purchase 6 bags of mini-bagels to use for lunches/breakfast in the coming weeks.

I received 3 coupon inserts from friends.

We ate leftovers for lunches, or repurposed them into other dinners.

Checked out several books that I have been interested in from the library instead of purchasing them for my own collection.  Now I can preview them and decide if I want a copy or if a single read through of the book was sufficient.

What did you do to help save your family money this week?


Last Week’s Frugal Living Accomplishments (4/13-4/19)

affiliate link disclosure

This week’s frugal efforts were primarily found in the garden, setting us up for a successful growing season, but as always, I’m trying to find other ways to save or stretch our money.

Planted more vegetables in the garden

Purchased a Moonglow pear tree from Gasper Home & Garden Showplace.  This is the pollinator to the Bartlett pear tree that we already have, and with pears often costing more than $2/lb, this will save us a small fortune over the next few years.

Purchased some seedlings from a local nursery.  These are farther along than the seedlings that I started, so we will have homegrown produce sooner, and won’t have to purchase at the grocery stores.

Planted seedlings that I had started.  Since I wanted to make sure we had enough seeds germinate and survive the transplant, I started about 3x’s as many seeds as I would actually use.  I am now selling my extra seedlings to friends and people in the Greater Philadelphia Gardening & Homesteading group instead of throwing them into the compost pile.


Earned 243 Swagbucks last week

Cashed in my Swagbucks to get an Amazon gift card

Gathered extra newspaper coupon inserts from neighbors, clipped what I needed, and then passed them on

Received my sales check from consigning with Just Between Friends – Lower Bucks

Entered in my Pampers Rewards points from the baby wipes

Submitted a Checkout51 offer from buying fresh produce

petting sheep at howell farm

Took a day trip to Howell Living History Farm in Lambertville, NJ to have a picnic and see the animals.  Howell Farm has free admission and is open to the public Monday-Saturday, so it was perfect for us.

Had leftovers for lunches

Bought day old bread to make French toast instead of fresh bread – saved $3!

Put more items aside for the community yardsale on 5/2

Made homemade donuts instead of going to the bakery

Washed laundry in cool water