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Through out the last year, I have sent our sporadic newsletters to RAFOAB readers.  One of my business goals for 2013 is to keep the lines of communication wide open!  With Facebook being inconsistent in what it shows fans, and not everyone being on Twitter or Google+, I figured the best way to put the deals & savings into the hands of my readers was to fine tune the newsletters, and send it directly to your inbox.

We have several newsletters that are available – from Daily Digests to Special Events & Announcements Only.  You choose what information you want arriving in your inbox.

The RAFOAB Newsletter Returns on February 1st.

I do not share or sell your contact information.  When you share your email address with RAFOAB, I am the only one who will contact you.

Note: While Shop4Charity is a RAFOAB event, emails regarding this event will come from not

I look forward to staying in touch with you in 2013!

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