Tips for Successfully Sending Someone Else to do Your Grocery Shopping

This is a screen shot of my grocery list in Evernote. Love that I can add so much detail & check boxes. (Click on the photo to see larger image)

Last night, Steve went to the grocery store for me.  We are down to one car (which I don’t care to drive) so shopping trips are either a family affair or Steve gets to go on his own.  In almost 10 years, I can count the number of times Steve has done the weekly shopping trip on his own on one hand.  He has run out to pick up diapers, or something for dinner, but real shopping trips have been few & far between.

In November, we were down to one car while my truck was in the body shop for a month.  Steve went to the grocery store for me, and what I had anticipated taking 20 minutes took over an hour.  I was nervous for how last night’s trip was going to go since it was a fairly major trip that would take me close to an hour, and I was pleased that it took Steve the same amount of time.

What was different between last night’s trip & the trip back in November?

Better planning!

Here is what I learned that helped us, and maybe it could help you too if you ever have the need to send someone to do your shopping.

  1. Send your shopper to a store that you are familiar with, this way when you get a call or a text saying they can’t find something you can direct them to where to go.
  2. Send your shopper with a very detailed list.  Include brands, item sizes, and prices whenever possible.
  3. Don’t be afraid to include pictures on your list.  If the person is shopping for an item that they are unfamiliar with, a photo, even in black & white, can help them to find the item in the store. (I didn’t put these on my list, but had to send them as a MMS while he was at the store & couldn’t find cake flour – an obscure item with only 1 facing, so I should have expected it).
  4. Group the items on the list with where they can be found in the store.  If an item can be found in multiple locations, make a note so your shopper will know where to look.
  5. Send your shopper with all coupons, rain checks, and shopper’s discount cards that they will need for the trip.  Make notes on the list as to which items have coupons or rain checks.
  6. Don’t expect the person to make the exact choices that you would make and for the trip to be 100% perfect.  Its ok if someone picks up the larger salad dressing because its what they saw first even though you only buy the small bottle, or that they picked up the larger item that wasn’t on sale instead of the smaller one that was.  No biggie!  Just be thankful that you had someone to do the shopping for you!

It took a bit more planning on my part (I am also very Type A when it comes to lists – click on the image above to see what I mean), but the shopping trip took Steve just as long as it would have taken me.

Overall grade:  A+

Thanks for the help sweetheart!

Why I Love Evernote

I just sent Steve to work with the coupons & canvas bags so he could go grocery shopping this evening after work.  Then I sat down, and created a grocery list on Evernote, and shared the list with him.  So much easier than scrambling to hand write a note before he left for work, or sending emails back and forth with changes through out the day.  I created the note using Evernote on my desktop computer, and tonight at the market, Steve will be able to access it from his iPhone.  Very convenient!

Evernote is your external brain. Whenever you see, think, or experience something, throw it into Evernote and you’ll have it accessible and searchable across all the platforms and devices that you use.  Evernote is available for Windows, Mac, Web, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, and more.  You can create a free account or there are paid options if you need additional features.

I have Evernote set-up on my desktop & laptop computers, and on my iPhone.  My favorite feature has to be the toolbar that I have installed on Firefox.  When I find a recipe or an article that I want to keep for later, I highlight it, and click the Evernote button on the toolbar.  I then login to my account, tag the entry, add any notes and voila!  It is now saved in my Evernote account, where I can now search for it and actually use this information later on.  When I was bookmarking everything, I often would forget why I had an item bookmarked, now it gets filed away & I can search for it by keyword right in Evernote.  I also don’t have to worry about the web page going away or changing because a snapshot of the page is stored in my account just as it appeared when I highlighted it.  No worries about losing information ever again!

I love Evernote, and can’t believe it took me so long to start using it.  Steve has been using it for months, maybe a year now I don’t remember, and had been trying to convince me to use it.  I had it in my head that this was a geek app and not something that I would find useful or user friendly.  I heard about Evernote on tech shows/podcasts that Steve was watching such as TWiT and Tekzilla.  I was convinced this wasn’t for me.  I was wrong.

No matter how tech savvy you are or aren’t, Evernote is very easy to use and user friendly.  I highly recommend you try out the free account and see if it makes things easier for you as well.

Tell us what you think of Evernote below.

I have not been compensated in any way for writing this review.  I have a free subscription to Evernote that is for personal use.  My husband has a paid account which he acquired on his own.  No one from Evernote has requested a review of their product or services.