{12/8} Conair Warehouse Sale

The Conair Warehouse Sale is Saturday, 12/8 from 7a-4p.  This is an amazing one-day, once-a-year event!  Get there early, and dress warm because the line usually wraps around the front of the building.

You are welcome to park in the employee lot, but it fills up quick and you may be directed to alternate parking up to a block or two away.

I went last year for the first time so here is my list of tips for all of you:

  • DO NOT bring children.  This place is extremely busy, and you will not be able to properly mind your children and shop at the same time.
  • DO wear sneakers.  You will be standing online and walking through a warehouse, dress appropriately.
  • DO dress warm.  You will be waiting outside until you are allowed into the warehouse so be prepared for the elements.  Once inside, its a warehouse, so it is chilly.
  • DO arrive early.  The earlier you get there, the sooner you will be in line, and the sooner you will get into the sale.
  • DO bring a shopping buddy.  Especially helpful for while you are waiting in line, but also for when you are done, one of you can wait with all of your stuff while the other person gets the car instead of carrying everything down the road.
  • DO bring a small cart or hand truck, if you have one.  The employees at the Conair warehouse will give you a box with a strap through it that you can pull across the floor, and you will see people tie them together.  If you have a small cart, you will have a lot more mobility throughout the facility.
  • DO bring the proper form of payment.  They will be accepting cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, & AMEX.  NO CHECKS OR TRAVELER’S CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

I am counting down to this sale, and have been eagerly awaiting it since the spring.  There is a ton of stuff there, and it is more than just Conair – you will also find great products from Cuisinart, Waring, Scunci, Rusk & Travel Smart.

Time for me to email my two shopping buddies, and come up with our game plan for meeting up and carpooling to the sale.  Hope you have fun planning your trip here too!

Happy Shopping!