Free Ham or Turkey at ShopRite

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It’s that time of year again…free ham or turkey time at ShopRite!

Use your Price Plus club card every time you shop at ANY participating ShopRite from Sunday 3/13 through Saturday 4/23. You must use the same Price Plus card every time you shop.

Once you have spent $300.00, you qualify for one (1) FREE item of your choice. ShopRite tracks all of your purchases during this period and prints your current total at the bottom of your receipt.   Qualifying purchases are calculated before taxes, bottle deposits, and the face value of manufacturer coupons and after ShopRite store coupons, ShopRite Price Plus club deductions and any doubled or tripled value of manufacturer coupons.

Get your FREE Ham, Turkey, Turkey Breast, Kosher Roasting Chicken, Lasagna, or Tofurky once you’ve reached the purchase requirement.  Get One of These Holiday Dinner Favorites FREE!

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