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family photoWhen I started Raising A Family On A Budget almost three years ago, my only focus was on saving money – couponing, daily deals, shopping sales and the occasional DIY project.  Recently, the site has been going in a different direction, one that not only shares money saving ideas, tips, and tricks, but also where I discuss other aspects of keeping a home and raising a family.

Now as a mom, I realize that those things that made me moan and groan as a kid, are the reason for my strong work ethic, a mostly organized and tidy home, home cooked meals on the table, clean laundry in the drawers (ok, in the baskets), and children who are now willing to help work around the house all so we can function together as a cohesive family unit.  That Home Economics for Real Life component is what I am now sharing with all of you on Raising A Family On A Budget.

The site will now be focusing on all of the aspects of homemaking and parenting that is real life and not some idealized picture we get from watching 1950′s television.  I am not June Cleaver or Donna Reed, but I am trying to be the best home economist I can be in the real world.

Stephanie and her husband Steve, live in Morrisville, PA with their three children (2007, 2009, & 2013).  Stephanie’s background in both public relations/events management, as well as in education, has made blogging on RAFOAB a natural fit for her life as a stay at home mom.

Photo Credit: Kristen Laudick Photography

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